Twitter Marketing – The Top 3 Twitter Marketing Software Reviewed

If you are looking at this article you’re clearly thinking about trying marketing with Twitter or are interested in bettering your authority on Twitter. Well you’ve come to the right place as we’ll talk all about the right Twitter marketing software and tools that is right for your company or marketing campaign.

Within the article, we will go through the top 3 pieces of Twitter marketing software with you, those being TweetAdder, Hummingbird and Tweet Whistle. You might not have heard of any of them, but we’ll talk about why each is unique and we’ll hopefully help you to find which tool is the right tool for your Twitter marketing campaign, depending on if you are aiming at targeted Twitter users by place, keywords about who they are or by the words they are tweeting about, we’ll be able to tell you in the right direction of the better Twitter marketing software for you.

As it is widely considered the most popular, we shall set off with TweetAdder. TweetAdder in a lot of quarters has been classed and recommended very highly of Twitter marketing software in the last 12 months or so and there’s real reason for this. For example, the tools that it has to help you whatever the type of Twitter marketing campaign are very powerful. You can basically do anything you can think of within Twitter marketing with this tool; you can follow targeted users by area, keywords within their biography or keywords that they have tweeted plus you are able to adjust the recency of the said keywords. Plus, you can also search for particular users followers, such as the followers of your competitor using TweetAdder. Once you have got them in your list, with the help of TweetAdder’s superior search system, you can add them into your database to be followed. What else can TweetAdder do? From within TweetAdder you can schedule tweets, which basically means that you can add an entire day or weeks or even months worth of tweets into the software in ten minutes in the early in the day and then ask the software to put them out at set periods, for example, between 20 to 40 minutes per tweet and TweetAdder will choose a random time between the two set periods to send out your next tweet. Plus you can also send messages, save them on your hard drive and get the software to send the messages when you want it to in the Automation section.

Downsides of TweetAdder? There aren’t many. It could prove to be quite high-priced if you want the unlimited accounts version priced at $188, but it actually works out at good value for money when you understand the features TweetAdder contains. However there are versions of Tweet Adder available for one account at $55, leading up to the unlimited packages version. But other than the pricing, TweetAdder completely stands up to it’s name as the best Twitter marketing software for all-in-one Twitter marketing tools and control.

The second piece of marketing software is Hummingbird 2. Hummingbird 2 has a very modern feel based within Adobe’s recent platform, Air (which some would say is immediately a downfall for the software, as it can take up processor power on your computer), however Hummingbird 2 is very cool and does work well. However when you’re interested in a complete Twitter marketing software it is a little limited. For example, you are only able to search by tweet keywords, not by the place of the targeted user nor the keywords within their bio, which is a large letdown from this software especially for a $97 price tag. However this particular piece of software’ problem is also it’s redemption if you’re interested in the kind of Twitter marketing tool that searches for keywords that people are tweeting as, when you pick your chosen keywords, this particular Twitter marketing software will search out users posting those particular keywords immediately as they’ve tweeted them and begin following the Twitter user giving a more organic feel and encounter for both you, the marketer, and the person you’re targeting, who you’ve immediately followed. You can specify ‘Grades’ where Hummingbird will choose whether to follow a user or not, for example if they do not have a custom avatar you can get the tool not to follow that particular person. This can often be considered to be a user that doesn’t go on Twitter very often. So overall hummingbird 2 unfortunately does not have TweetAdder’s overall strength as a Twitter marketing tool however it does have a quite unique way of doing what it does which can prove to be very effective for Twitter marketers aiming at tweet keywords. If you are that particular marketer, this tool could be the Twitter marketing tool for you.

Thirdly, our Twitter marketing tool is Tweet Whistle. Tweet Whistle is a marketing tool that has previously thought of as something of an lesser tool. It’s not as popular as TweetAdder or Hummingbird 2, but it most certainly knows what it is doing.

Tweet Whistle basically has everything that TweetAdder has, the tools to find users by location, tweeted keywords, keywords from a user’s bio, look for users following specific Twitter users etcetera, and has all the following features and features of automation for just $40.

You would think that at $40 you’ll be receiving a lesser piece of Twitter marketing software but you really aren’t. Tweet Whistle’s tools are every bit as good as TweetAdder’s and for over 100 dollars less. And it’s not just TweetAdder’s baby sibling or a copycat either, it has a few things up it’s sleeve that are it’s own. Tweet Whistle has a feed built in for your messages and @mentions which you can remove, reply to and much more, all from inside the tool. Believe me I’ve spent ages looking to figure out why Tweet Whistle was so much cheaper and works just as well as TweetAdder, but it proved to be an impossible task. That’s just the way it is. Cons? The interface is a little more in-depth, but that’s all. As Twitter marketing software goes, Tweet Whistle is pretty much gold plus for such a low asking price is an ideal beginning place for the less experienced Twitter marketer as well as the more aware.

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